Alaska in 21' Mini-Trawlers?

When three men's hearts are bigger than their boats, dreams can come true.


by Réanne Hemingway-Douglass


As we cruised the Inside Passage to Alaska in the summer of 2003, we kept hearing from other boaters about three men travelling in three 21-foot Ranger mini-trawlers. The three men—Rick Huizi onboard the Kentucky Colonel, Nate Streitmatter onboard Wren and George Unterseher on Molly B—were the talk of the north coats. They were rousing the most curiosity we'd seen along the Inside Passage in recent years. However, we always seemed to miss them by a day or two.

It wasn't until we were homeward ound after five months in the Gulf of Alaska that we finally made contact with them in Ocean Falls. My husband, Don, and I were moored at the public dock on a rainy September evening when the three boatrs pulled alongside.

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